The Magic Toy Chest Demo 1.0

The Magic Toy Chest Demo 1.0



Size:32.8 MB

Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Graduate Games

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The Magic Toy Chest is a Physics Based Puzzle Game for the Whole Family. It is inspired by classic retro 2D games such as The Incredible Machine. Use 16 wacky and zany toys to create crazy sequences of events that get the desired toy into the Magic Toy Chest. Build block towers, lay down train bridges, jump backflipping dogs and much more! Enjoy 80+ puzzles of physics action! Clean your house of toys before dinner! 16 Zany and Wacky Toys! Launch space rockets, hurl water balloons, build toy train bridges and more! Puzzles are approachable to all ages, but only skilled players will earn extra stars by completing their chores in a timely and efficient manner Clean up 8 different rooms of the house! Fully Featured Level Editor! Make your own Levels! Submit your created Levels in-game! Download more levels from the Toy Chest Game Site Read the Online Manual Kid and Family Friendly Gameplay! Simple Point & Click Controls Earn Stars and unlock levels based on your skill level 20 Training Levels Teach You to Play Great Level Hints before each level Mind Bending Physics Puzzles for all ages Restart a level at any time by pressing R No violence, NO profanity, NO mature themes Physics are Fun! The Chipmunk Game Dynamics Engine gives the player a dynamic and fun physics playground to explore Every toy in the game has a unique shape, size, weight, and ability Realistically stack blocks - watch as they wobble and eventually tumble Create catapults, Enjoy Teddy Bear Ragdoll Physics, and more! Dynamic Physics allow for several solutions to each puzzle Pause/Freeze Physics at any time Frustration Free Gameplay Infinite Level Attempts, No Enemies, and Great Level Hints Stuck on a Level? Skip it! Each room of the house allows you to play its chores in any order! Hit R to Restart a puzzle at any time. The game automatically saves your progress and profile Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Systems: Windows

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